Notice to Navigators: Illinois & Upper Mississippi Rivers

IRCA & RIAC Missing Buoy Notifications


Please share widely.


Bernie Heroff
Port Captain Navigation/Training
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Good afternoon everyone,


I hope everyone is in the process of thawing out from the past couple icy weeks. As the locks re open, and mariners get back to their operating schedules we anticipate buoys will be off station due to the ice.


We are going to handle off station buoys in the same successful manner as we handled them last year. We ask that any mariner/ waterway user who observes off station buoys to please notify us via email so we can accurately track, and address found discrepant buoys.


If anyone observes off station buoys please email and include the River name, mile marker, and a description of the off station buoy in the body of the email.

It would help us immensely if the subject line of the email read something like this “OFF STATION BUOY-UPPER MISSISPPI RIVER”.


Additionally, please include the reporting source’s contact information so if needed, we can reach out to confirm details of the report.


Thank you and have a safe season!


MST2 Monika “Corbin”  Spies
Sector Upper Mississippi River
Waterways Management Division