Notice to Navigators: Upper Mississippi River

RIAC: Mile 289 UMR Survey  North Fritz

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Here is the survey at mile 289 that was run yesterday. Per the survey, there is a lump on the sailing line of 7.2, next to 23 and 25-ft sounding so possibly a lump from prop wash scour if the tow was backing up to recover from the grounding. The Pathfinder was just on site added an additional green at 289.3 it is in 9.3-ft of depth, and a red at 289.2, screen captures attached. However, Joey said the bottom seems to be flattening out, he couldn’t find the 23 to 25-ft depth hole. Channel width is 325-ft. There is a slight rise at Lock 22 tailwater, will plan on surveying this area again in 7-10 days.


View Pre-Dredge Survey here.



Lance Engle