Notice to Navigators: Upper Mississippi River

RIAC: UM172 closures plan for 24-27MAR


As of 0715 today 24MAR, the plan is to keep the channel open. If the weather turns dry later today the contractor may ask for a closure with a one-hour notice for the traffic in the area.


To help the contractor get more work done tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday (25-27MAR), they are planning for closures 0800 to 1530 those days, then back to 0800-1400 on Monday.


As for progress, they have removed the two static lines and 3 of the 6 conductors on the existing highline crossing, they are rigged to remove the 4th conductor. The new lines to be installed are the same 2 static lines and 6 larger conductors. Assuming today is scrubbed they have a good chance to have all the old lines removed sometime Saturday. The contractor said today that the installation of the new lines typically goes a little faster than the removal of the old ones, they could be a little better than halfway done with this project sometime Saturday, barring any unforeseen glitches.


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