Correction: The buoys near STL should be in 12.5 feet today (STL +11)



If you come across depths that don’t match up with what is below, please let me know ASAP so I can pass it on to USACE for surveying.

The Cheyenne started running buoys Cape to STL on Tuesday this week, 13OCT.

There should be about 13.5 feet on the buoy lines Cape to STL today   ( STL +2, Chester +9, Cape +2 )

The reds were pulled in some at Anchor, the channel is about 500 feet wide.

The Chippewa ran Cairo to Cape on 7OCT. Those buoys should be in about 15 feet near Cape (Cape +4), and 18 near Cairo (Cairo + 4)

Our drafts STL to Cairo are controlled now by draft restrictions on the LMR below Cairo (10.6)

The cutter Chena is planning on going to UM24 this Friday to replace the missing reds at Sliding Towhead


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