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NWC News Alert – Washington Update

NWC News Alert – Washington Update

NWC News Alert – Washington Update       

June 11, 2018

FY18 Work Plan Released

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released the work plan for fiscal year 2018. Enacted by Congress in March as the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018, the civil works program received $6.8 billion in federal funding, $789 million more than the actual appropriations in FY17, and nearly $1.8 billion more than the President’s budget. 

The manager’s report allocates $4.6 of the funding, and the remaining amount, approximately $1.7 billion, is allocated in the work plan. That additional amount is broken down as:  Navigation $956 million, flood risk management $541 million, other authorized purposes $254 million, and FUSRAP $21 million.  The total appropriation funds 39 feasibility studies, 4 preconstruction engineering and design, and 13 construction projects. 

In accordance with the Congressional direction, the work plan funds 6 new studies, plus one from the Mississippi River and Tributaries project, as well as 5 new construction starts.   The Corps’ news release is attached.  Further detailed information is available at:

WRDA 18 Adopted in the House

By an overwhelming vote of 408-2, the House approved the Water Resources Development Act of 2018 (WRDA18).  In a well-orchestrated debate, 50 amendments were approved, although the provision to require that Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund revenues can only be used for their intended purpose was not included in the final bill.

We are pleased that NWC was recognized on the House floor by Rep. Mike Bost in support of an amendment that allows local sponsors to pay the difference between the cost of repairing a levee damaged in a natural disaster and the flood protection benefits without additional cost to the federal government.    

We now await Senate action on its bill, which would clear the way for a conference committee to resolve the differences in the respective bills and develop a final compromise package. 

The text of the House bill can be viewed here:  

House Approves FY19 Energy and Water Funding

As part of a minibus, the House approved a spending bill combing 3 funding measures, including the Corps civil works program for the fiscal year that begins on October 1st.  The Corps would receive $7.28 billion, a bump from this year’s level of $6.8 billion, and significantly higher than the President’s budget of $4.78 billion. 

Investigations would be funded at $128 million, Construction at $2.32 billion, Operation and Maintenance at $3.82 billion, Mississippi River and Tributaries at $430 million.  The bill calls for six new starts in Investigations and five new Construction starts.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has already advanced its $6.9 billion funding measure, but it is not certain when that will be taken up by the full Senate. 

Additional information on the House bill can be viewed here: 

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