Notice Number: 206224/24-09
Date: 02/27/2024 05:00 thru 06/01/2024 04:00

Notice is given that an obstruction exists on the right descending bank, Ohio River Mile 355-356. This obstruction is outside of the navigation channel.

As a result of recent events, mariners are reminded that pursuant & 33 CFR 207.300(U) that during high water all vessels should operate near the sailing line to prevent damage to river banks and structures situated thereon or adjacent thereto.

In addition, sunken or sinking barges or boats shall be reported to the nearest lock both downstream and upstream of the location in order that other that other traffic those points points may be advised of the hazards.

The following is a list of pertinent information for all Huntington District Lock and Dam Projects.

Location River Mile Telephone
Willow Island Ohio 161.7 740-374-8710
Belleville Ohio 203.9 740-378-6110
Racine Ohio 237.5 304-882-2118
Robert C. Byrd Ohio 279.2 304-576-2272
Greenup Ohio 341.0 606-473-7441
Meldahl Ohio 436.2 513-876-2291
Winfield Kanawha 31.1 304-586-2501
Marmet Kanawha 67.7 R 304-949-1175
London Kanawha 82.8 R 304-442-8422


Browning, Kent C, Chief, Technical Support Branch