Ohio Officials to Visit MPR Supply Chain in Belmont County

Ohio officials to visit MPR supply chain in Belmont County
Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted will be touring MPR Supply Chain Solutions on October 19 to tour the sixty-seven-acre trans-loading facility along the Ohio River in Bellaire, OH.

MPR says Husted has led the Office of Workforce Transformation, working to identify the needs of Ohio businesses and to align workers’ skills with those needs to close the skills gap and get more people into rewarding careers.

MPR also says they have had success hiring and helping those with criminal records build a new life by providing a liveable wage, a stable working environment, and a chance to move up in a company firmly positioned in evolving transportation industry.

Natalie Brown, president of MPR said that overall, they’ve had good experiences giving people the second chances they need.

“We believe that people make mistakes, but once they pay their debt, they should have the opportunity to build a new life that is meaningful and rewarding. At the end of the day, they are the ones doing the work. Hard work should be rewarded. If people want to make changes in their life, I think it’s our responsibility in the community to give them those opportunities when we can.”