Ohio River: Electronic Buoys River Miles 972-973.5

Notice Number: 201321/2022-042
Date: 09/26/2022 08:49 thru 10/03/2022 08:49

Ohio River Miles 972-973.5: The navigation channel between Ohio River Miles 972 and 973.5 has shoaling which resulted in vessel groundings on September 21, 2022.

The physical buoys on the navigation channel will be moved as soon as possible, but until that occurs, mariners should stay within the channel marked by AIS AToN’s (electronic buoys) as shown in the attached file titled “Notice 2022-042 Electronic Buoys Chart - Ohio River Mile 972-973.5.pdf”.

Mariners should practice one-way traffic between Ohio River Miles 972 and 973.5 while the Cairo Gage remains below 12.0.

Shawn Kenney
Ch. Technical Support Branch