Ohio South Central & Indiana Eastern Railroads Recipients of Jake Safety Awards


We are pleased to announce that Ohio South Central Railroad (OSCR) and Indiana Eastern Railroad (IERR) have BOTH been awarded with the Jake Safety with Distinction Award by the American Short Line Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA).

Safety is something that is extremely vital in the railroad industry. In order for an ASLRRA member railroad to be given this award, they must perform better than the Class II and III industry average injury frequency that was reported by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in the previous year. There are two categories for this award.

ASLRRA member railroads, as a whole, decreased their injury rate by 10%.

“IERR is pleased to report that it has had no lost time accidents in 16 years of operation and OSCR has had 1 lost time accident for 2 days in 7 years of operation.  This is a credit to our dedicated employees and their attention to safe operations”, according to George Andres, CEO. “Safety is a top priority at OSCR and IERR and we are truly honored to be given this award.”


IERR and OSCR are Class III freight railroads operating in Indiana and Ohio. We also specialize in forward storage and logistics of both loaded and empty railcars. We have the capability of holding up to 800 cars at locations in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. When our customers need to retrieve a specific railcar from storage, we can deliver that car to interchange within 24 hours. Handling of hazmat cars is performed routinely.


For more information about the Ohio South Central Railroad (OSCR) and Indiana Eastern Railroad (IERR), please click here.