Old River Lock Update

Current Status Update: Old River Lock will remain closed through 8/9/2022 due to electrical issues. The electrician and Old River Lock staff completed installing the new transformer in control house No. 2 at approximately 2100 last night. When they energized the transformer to attempt to operate the lock and found that the tainter valve motor No. 2 was burned up. We have a spare motor on site and will install the new motor today. It will take 3 to 4 hours to replace the motor. Once the motor is installed we will test the operating system again and hopefully we do not find any other issues or problems. We cannot identify any other problems until we get the new motor installed.


I was told once Old River is operational, they will pass all tows in the cue before closing for other preparations for the 30 August closure.


Richard Brontoli, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association