OmniTRAX has the unique capability of providing specialized industrial development and real estate solutions, both on and off the rail network. Our real estate team can solve your real estate needs.

With a comprehensive network of managed railroads that has paced the growth of one of North America’s largest and fastest growing private railroad and transportation management companies, OmniTRAX knows that railroading is the heartbeat of American commerce. A steady shipping heartbeat is the key to healthy supply chains and with a coast-to-coast network of railroads, OmniTRAX is ready to serve your business.

OmniTRAX is continually expanding our reach, allowing our customers to take advantage of our door-to-door shipping services. We combine the superior fuel efficiency of rail with the ease of trucking and the global reach of overseas shipping through our international deep-water ports.

With the ability to track your freight using our online shipping portal, you’ll not only receive real-time email alerts updating you on the status of your shipments, you’ll also receive peace of mind, knowing that we’re handling all of the red tape and complicated logistics normally associated with the other rail providers.

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