As North America’s first digital booking platform helping drive more cargo to the waterways, OpenTug is propelling inland logistics into the future.

The mission is simple yet transformative: to supercharge the world of inland waterway transportation by enhancing visibility, efficiency, and connectivity.

We do this by providing a digital sales and marketing platform to help grow terminal and barge operations while reducing barriers for new shippers to access service.

Solutions for every stakeholder.


Search and book efficient shipping services on inland waterways, barges, and terminals.

Barge Operators

Provide teams with a branded digital barge booking, sales suite, and management suite to wow customers and save teams time.
Market services, simplify booking processes, enhance customer's experience, and save sales teams time.


The branded portal provides terminals with a digital sales interface.
Market facilities to a network of shippers, simplify booking processes, and enhance customer experience.


Our Port solution offers a single source of truth to connect shippers with their tenants and co-market alongside their stakeholders.

Group all terminals in one digital discovery interface, to market all tenants and help shippers get directed to the right one through powerful but simple filters. 

Download the FREE eBook: Navigating the Bulk Cargo Market 

This eBook discusses: 

  • Challenges shippers face when choosing traditional transportation modes
  • Benefits of barge shipping, compared to rail and road
  • Digital advancements that are helping the industry thrive, remove friction, and explode in growth


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