Operational Status-Poe and MacArthur Locks – St.Marys Falls Canal

Notice Number: 201657/L22-21
Date: 12/17/2022 23:59 thru 01/15/2023 23:59

1. The MacArthur Lock will close for the Navigation Season on 17 December 2022.

2. The Poe Lock will remain operational (on a 24-hour basis) through 15 January 2022 or until commercial traffic ceases, whichever occurs first.

3. Operators of vessels that will be transiting the locks during the January lock operational period will keep the Operations Manager advised of their schedules.

4. 33 CFR 207.440 will be followed for determining the closing date of the Soo Locks: Closing date. The locks will be maintained in operation only for the passage of down bound vessels departing from a Lake Superior port before midnight (2400 hours) of January 14, and of upbound vessels passing Detour before midnight (2400 hours) of January 15. Vessel owners are requested to report in advance to the Operations Manager in charge at Sault Ste. Marie, the name of vessel and time of departure from a Lake Superior port on January 14 before midnight, and of vessels passing Detour on January 15 before midnight, which may necessitate the continued operation of a lock to permit passage of vessel.

5. Questions regarding this notice may be directed to the Soo Operations Manager, LeighAnn Ryckeghem, at 906-635-3464. Our internet address is: http://www.lre.usace.army.mil/missions/Operations.aspx


Chief, Operations & Maintenance