Operations Manager (Portage, IN)

Metro Ports is accepting applications for an Operations Manager (Portage, IN)

The Operations Manager will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations at the Metro Ports cargo location he/she is assigned. This highly visible position will handle productivity, costs, revenue creation, maintenance, and customer retention. Through analysis, asset and personnel management, this position will maximize shareholder value. The Operations Manager shall implement the priorities of management and its customers and maintain corporate policy and procedures. The position will safeguard the company’s reputation, employees and company assets.

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Regular, predictable and reliable attendance.
  • Works closely with Terminal Manager.
  • Reviews ship list ETA.
  • Coordinates vessel operations with terminal.
  • Coordinates terminal operations when ship operations have completed.
  • Prepares daily work schedule for working ships prior to arrival.
  • Provides vessel agent with projected work schedule.
  • Implements plan for daily operations.
  • Creates and verifies load lists/hatch lists/ stowage plans.
  • Orders labor and implements changes for labor request.
  • Communicates with union personnel, vessel agents, gearmen etc.
  • Orders equipment and gear, including outside vendors when needed.
  • Supervises staff and schedules workloads for both ship work and terminal work.
  • Supervises union personnel and is responsible for the following:
    • Makes personnel changes, i.e.,
    • Operations Manager can refuse or return to the hall any union personnel including, but not limited to, any foreman, longshoreperson, or marine clerk for performance issues.
  • Approves overtime for union personnel.
  • Verifies and calculates timecards.
  • Resolves employee conflicts.
  • Calculates manpower for next shift by forecasting number of gangs, shifts required and utilization of manpower.
  • Reviews day to day operations of ship and cargo while in port.
  • Communicates with and updates ship's Captain.
  • Inspects gear certifications and dates.
  • Inspects cargo for damages prior to/during and after ship loading/discharge.
  • Makes physical inspection of vessel and equipment.
  • Monitors discharging or loading activities.
  • Monitors terminal operations once vessel operations have completed.
  • Reviews previous shifts documents for loading or discharging according to plans.
  • Reviews and signs safety checklist.
  • Boards ships to ensure Foreman is following load/discharge plans.
  • Follows up on changes made from hatch to hatch.
  • Directs the Hall Foreman on loading/discharging the ship.
  • Communicates with the shipper/consignee and the ship's chief officer.
  • Relates changes from shipper/consignee.
  • Reviews previous shifts load /discharge plan.
  • Reviews and follows up on lists of priorities and projects.
  • Reviews and submits daily equipment usage report.
  • Operations Manager play a critical role in safety at Metro Ports. Their important safety duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Assuring the safety of the general longshore work force and steady Metro employees.
    • Knowing, implanting, enforcing and monitoring the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP), and taking necessary and appropriate loss prevention measures regarding injuries to persons and damage to property and equipment.
  • The IIPP outlines in detail the safety duties and responsibilities of an Operations Manager and those duties and responsibilities, including future updates and revisions, are incorporated by reference into this position description.
  • Travels to outlying ports as needed.
  • Verifies reports for accuracy.
  • Attends meetings.
  • Cross-trains for various types of Operations Manager positions.
  • Works weekends and holidays.
  • Ability to acquire TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) Card.
  • Remains on 24-hour call for operations and emergencies.

Education and/or Work Experience

  • Computer literate (Must have working knowledge of MS Word and Excel prior to completing training period.)
  • Skilled in human resources and supervision.
  • Knowledge of maritime industry to include longshoremen's union policies, union contracts, harbor and port procedures and governmental and safety regulations is preferred.
  • Knowledge of, and strict adherence to, all anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and anti-retaliation laws, practices and procedures is a must and will be provided during the training period.
  • 2 - 5 years working experience in maritime industry working directly with operations preferred but not essential.
  • Willing to consider experience in other modes of transportation.
  • Previous work experience as Operations Manager helpful but not essential.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.

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