Operator Chief (Ferris, TX)


Trinity River Authority of Texas is accepting applications for an Operator Chief (Ferris, TX)



This is a supervisory position responsible for the operation of an advanced surface water/wastewater treatment facility. This individual directs the operations of designated shifts which involve training and direction of junior level employees. This individual is also responsible for the correct and safe operation of all plant processes and equipment and ensures compliance with federal, state and local laws, as well as established applicable Authority policies and procedures.


  1. Responsible for the controlled operations of the major plant process. Dictates settings for all operational processes and equipment to ensure that the facility and/or system is operating correctly and safely. Responsible for solving operational issues within assigned capabilities and understands variable parameters for each shift. Responsible for ensuring correct and thorough completion of all process logs and records related to process control, laboratory and other data in plant and surrounding appurtenances. Responsible for operation of computer system during assigned shift and for preparation of reports as required by the EPA, TCEQ and the Authority. Responsible for ordering and handling various chemicals used in the plant.
  2. Responsible for implementing and maintaining training programs for the Operations Staff including all emergency response training programs to ensure proper use of maintenance of PPE and necessary equipment and to respond to any emergency situation that may arise. Responsible for accident prevention and safety training for employees to include emergency response and Safety Circle training. Ensures that Authority security procedures are adhered to. May initiate changes to the plant's vulnerability and risk management plans. Responsible for coordination of response to emergency situations within set procedures.
  3. Responsible for solving operational and mechanical equipment problems.
  4. Effectively communicates with others to ensure good working relations.
  5. Directly supervises group of non-exempt employees to include hiring, scheduling and performance evaluation. Available for questions and resolving issues 24/7. Responsible for the preparation of employee evaluations. Completes and generates operational reports as directed. Monitors employee TCEQ licenses. Responsible for implementing training programs for the Operations Staff.
  6. Responsible for most economical operation of the shifts. Provides assistance and guidance to the maintenance department as related to the service of the equipment within the plant. Assumes responsibilities of direct supervisor as required. May assist Operations Division Chief/O&M Supervisor in performing various tasks and special assignments relating to the job.
  7. Performs additional duties as assigned. Operating track mobile, moving rail cars, dealing with Homeland Security.
  8. May be responsible for responding to various emergency situations, including after-hours, as directed by supervisor.


Regularly leads the work of other employees.


Assists project manager with annual budget preparation as related to area of responsibility. May order or approve ordering of sampling supplies, laboratory supplies, equipment and clean supplies as needed for department use. May obtain quotes for services, materials, and equipment. May create purchase requisitions for approval by management.


(required level of education) High school diploma or GED; sixty college credit hours preferred.

EXPERIENCE (minimum years and types of related experience required) One year experience in the position of Senior Operator or five years of experience at a water/wastewater treatment plant and one hundred hours of satisfactory training credits related to water/wastewater.


(any specialized certifications licenses or registrations required by TRA or other authority in order to do the job, including those the incumbent must be able to obtain)

Valid Texas driver's license. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (or predecessor agency) Class B Water or Wastewater Operator's Certificate of Competency required. Class A Wastewater license preferred.


(Information or facts than employee must know in order to be able to perform the work) Must have thorough knowledge of water/wastewater treatment, as well as knowledge of solids handling, disposal, conditioning and incineration. Knowledge of mathematical and computer operations, flow routing and electrical switchgear switching/distribution.


(developed capability to use or apply knowledge effectively or dexterity/coordination in the performance of physical tasks) Must possess leadership ability and supervisory talents.


Follows general instructions and established precedents. Follows general supervisory instructions, as well as policies and precedents open to judgment in some areas and more specific guidelines, policies and procedures in others. Based on knowledge of policies, precedents and procedures, may regularly assist others with standard work methods and problems.


This position requires moderate to heavy physical labor with daily lifting requirements up to 25 pounds and occasional lifting up to 50 pounds. Subject to standing, sitting, walking, climbing, bending, crawling, squatting, kneeling, and working in cramped and strained positions for extended periods.


Working conditions include exposure to weather, odor, noise, chemical hazards, gases and dust, standing for prolonged periods of time, walking up and down several flights of stairs, climbing and descending ladders, working at heights, and working in tight or confined spaces.


Hand tools, meters, computer, two-way radio, heavy machinery and equipment, vehicles, track mobile, SCBA and PPE.


The Trinity River Authority’s mission is to promote conservation, reclamation, protection and development of the natural resources of the river basin for the benefit of the public.

At TRA, we are proud of the many services we provide to more than 60 cities in the Trinity River basin that improve the quality of life for millions of residents.  We understand that safe, clean water is a necessity; in fact, water is the single-most essential element to life as we know it.  We have made it our mission at TRA to make access to clean water a reality for the residents of the Trinity River basin.


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