Operator I (Dallas and Roanoke, TX)


Trinity River Authority of Texas is accepting applications for an Operator I (Dallas and Roanoke, TX)



This position is responsible for performing the duties in the operation of water or wastewater treatment plant or a raw water pumping plant. Duties involve routine inspection of plant processes and equipment. Works under close supervision while consulting with direct supervisor when changes are necessary.


  1. Monitors plant operations by observation, instrumentation and laboratory test results and makes adjustments to predetermined parameters.
  2. Monitors plant process using field instrumentation and process knowledge. Performs laboratory tests.
  3. Monitors condition of mechanical equipment and notifies appropriate personnel of needed repairs or any operational problems. Performs minor preventative maintenance to facilities in a safe and effective manner and may include grounds maintenance where needed.
  4. Takes samples at various operating points in the plant process. Responsible for general housekeeping.
  5. Responsible for maintaining thorough and complete process records and logs. May assist with data input into computer system.
  6. Observes all safety guidelines as initiated by the Authority, in addition to being aware and responsive to plant security issues. May be responsible for plant security during night shift. Takes action to protect certain structures and equipment under emergency flood conditions. Assists in the safe handling and unloading of chemicals in the plant. May be responsible for responding to various emergency situations as directed by supervisor.
  7. Performs other duties as assigned.
  8. May be responsible for responding to various emergency situations, including after-hours, as directed by supervisor.


High school diploma or GED.


Entry level.


Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (or predecessor agency) Class D Water or Wastewater Operator's Certificate of Competency is required within one year. Class C Certificate is required after three years. Valid Texas driver’s license.


Must be able to interpret simple test results and equipment malfunction. The ability to communicate and document daily activities to ensure proper plant operation is essential.


Receives ongoing detailed supervision and standard procedures. Follows standard procedures and/or detailed instructions for each task or assignment; any situation that calls for something different is referred to a supervisor or more senior position.


This position requires moderate to heavy physical labor with daily lifting requirements up to 25 pounds and occasional lifting up to 50 pounds. Subject to standing, sitting, walking, climbing, bending, crawling, squatting, kneeling, and working in cramped and strained positions for extended periods.


Working conditions include exposure to weather, odor, noise, chemical hazards, gases and dust, standing for prolonged periods of time, walking up and down several flights of stairs, climbing and descending ladders, working at heights, and working in tight or confined spaces.


Hand tools, broom, sample collectors, flow meters, high pressure hoses, D.O. meters, respirators, SCBA's, centrifuge, settlemeter, lab equipment, safety equipment, heavy equipment, and PPE.


The Trinity River Authority’s mission is to promote conservation, reclamation, protection and development of the natural resources of the river basin for the benefit of the public.

At TRA, we are proud of the many services we provide to more than 60 cities in the Trinity River basin that improve the quality of life for millions of residents.  We understand that safe, clean water is a necessity; in fact, water is the single-most essential element to life as we know it.  We have made it our mission at TRA to make access to clean water a reality for the residents of the Trinity River basin.


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