Pacific Rivers: The Dalles Spillway Change Limits for Navigation

The Dalles Spillway Change Limits for Navigation

Notice number: 200969
Date: 06/17/2022 thru 08/31/2022

The Dalles Lock and Dam project is attempting to limit spill reduction requests from 6/17 -8/31. Mariners may still contact The Dalles control room to request a reduction in spill.  However, spillway flow reductions will not exceed 50 kcfs in any 30-minute period.  If a vessel requires more than a 50 kcfs reduction in spill, they will need to wait an additional 30 minutes for the next change.  The operators at The Dalles will need to provide BPA at least 30 minutes notice prior to any reduction in spill so it will be important that mariners provide as much advance notice as possible when they would like the reduction in spill. For additional information on this notice, you may contact Aaron Marshall at (503) 313-3319.

Casey ODonnell
Technical Manager for Navigation
Portland District, USACE