Parker Towing Company, Inc.

Today, Parker Towing Company is one of the largest barge lines in the southeastern United States, operating a fleet of towboats and over 400 open and covered hopper barges as well as a fleet of 30,000 BBL tank barges. Commodities transported include coal, steel and steel related products, aggregates, forest products, grain products, cement, asphalt and other petroleum products.  We pride ourselves in our corporate responsibility, reliability, operating efficiencies, cost competitiveness, and protection of the environment.

In addition to our barging operations, Parker Towing Company also operates terminals for loading and unloading barges at several locations in Alabama and Tennessee. These terminals handle a broad range of dry cargo commodities and provide an intermodal link between barges, trucks, and rail. We also operate a shipyard and machine shop in the Mobile, Alabama area. Parker Towing Company has progressed a long way over the last 75 years and looks to build upon that success into the future.

Maintaining its position as the premier barge line, Parker Towing knows that quality service has never been more essential to business success than it is today.

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Parker Towing Company, Inc.
Grady Coble, VP Ports and Terminals
Dan Benken, Associate, Business Development

Leif Lacey

Leif Lacey, Ports and Terminals Sales Representative
Post Office Box 20908
Tuscaloosa, AL 35402
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