Pickands Mather Group joins IRPT

Pickands Mather’s Services team provides logistical design and planning as well as management, oversight and coordination services for efficiently moving bulk commodities. PM’s Services Group utilizes rail, truck, vessel, and barge transportation to optimize your costs, while driving for efficiency and meeting or exceeding your service requirements, whether your move is single mode, or inter or multi modal in nature. We further believe in the creation of competition between carriers and between modes of transportation to drive value to our clients. Because we have experience with all forms of transportation, we adapt quickly to changes and we integrate an approach that reduces or eliminates impediments to the movement and delivery of your products.

What’s most important to our clients is PM’s 24/ 7 service. It makes our highly qualified services team continuously available to address your critical transportation concerns in real time. Additionally, PM’s field inspectors are available to assist, observe and immediately react to your physical shipment needs.

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