Pickwick Auxiliary Lock Locking Procedures

Notice Number: 206327/24-06
Date: 03/11/2024 17:24 thru UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Pickwick Lock Auxiliary chamber length and width is 600 x 110. Upper miter sill and Lower miter sill are higher than the Main Lock (Auxiliary Upper Miter Sill 398.0; Lower Miter Sill 342.2), maintain a check on barge drafts. Lock chamber contains three floating mooring bits on the river side of the chamber. Floating bits (starting at the upper gates) are at the 90 ft, 300 ft., and 510 ft marks. ALL VESSELS MUST BE SECURED TO FLOATING MOORING BITS WITH TWO LINES AT ALL TIMES INSIDE THE CHAMBER DURING THE LOCKING PROCESS. If CFS reaches 120k, Auxiliary lock will be closed to navigation for extreme cross current in the lower approach. Lower approach recessed access ladders are closed, will be used for Emergency egress ONLY. Staircase on the backside of the lower land wall will be the only access point for deckhands to be on top of the lock wall during a double lockage (Please see locking procedures).

Northbound Tows: Please contact the lock on channel 13 or 16 before reaching the mooring cells at mile marker 201 on the TN River. The buoy line is too narrow to support vessels meeting on the downstream side of the lock. If a Southbound tow is locking, Northbound tows will be asked to wait at the 201 mooring cells.

Southbound Tows: Please contact the lock prior to reaching the 209 mooring cells on channel 13 or 16. If several vessels are in queue at the 209 mooring cells, vessels may be asked to wait in queue at yellow creek.

Locking Procedures:

Single Lockage’s

Two deckhands are required; deckhands must be on each corner of the head of the tow as you enter the approach area, until the head of the tow is clear of the miter gates. Deckhands will deploy bumpers (Possums) while abreast of the miter gates until cleared. Headline and stern line are required, (Deckhands must always remain by headline and stern line during the locking process).

Double Lockage’s -

(Northbound/Upbound) - 3 or 5 Deckhands. (3) Tow Boat will bring the tow into the Lock chamber and tie off. After the cut is secured to floating mooring bits, deckhands will break coupling for the 2nd cut to be backed out of the lock chamber. 2 deckhands will remain on the 1st cut. 1 deckhand will back 2nd cut out. After barges are secured to the lower long wall, Tow Boat will need to break loose from barges to allow deckhand access to the stairway on the landside of the lower land long wall. Deckhand will utilize the staircase to access the top of the lock wall, where he will walk the 1st cut out and provide line handling for the deckhands on the 1st cut. After the 1st cut and lines are secured, 2 deckhands will walk back down the staircase to board the Tow Boat. Tow Boat will make back up to the 2nd cut and enter lock chamber when the Lock is made ready. (5) If the towboat does not wish to break out from tow and use the staircase on the back of the wall, a double can be done by placing 3 deckhands on the 1st cut. Once the cut has reached the top of the lock chamber, 1 deckhand steps off the tow and walks the wall with the tow. 2 additional deckhands will be needed for the second cut since none of the deckhands from the 1st cut can return down a ladder on the lower end of the lock to the towboat.

(Southbound/Downbound) - 4 Deckhands needed. Tow Boat will bring the tow into the chamber, tie off to floating mooring bits and break coupling. 2 deckhands will remain on the first for the remainder of the lockage. 1 deckhand will back the 2nd cut of barges out to the designated point given by the lock operator. 1 deckhand will make the short ladder climb on the upper approach wall (Longwall or Short wall) and walk with the deckhand on the stern of the 1st cut in the event they would need assistance. After 1st cut is secured in the lower approach, the deckhand that walked the 1st cut on the wall will return to the Tow Boat while the 2 deckhands remain on the 1st cut below. Before the 2nd cut is brought into the chamber, an extra deckhand will need to be provided by the tow boat. 2nd cut of the tow must have 2 deckhands while entering and locking down, 1 for the bow line and 1 for the stern line.

NOTE: The auxiliary lock chamber empties directly below the lower gates. Northbound 2nd cut, a minimum of 6-part line placed on the highest reachable recessed bit. If towboat is broken out from tow to put deckhands on back side of wall, 2 lines are required on the barges. Southbound, a minimum of a 6-part line on the highest recessed bit is required on the stern, along with an additional line on the opposite end of the tow.

If you have any questions, please contact Pickwick Lock at 731 – 925 – 2334.


Doughtry, Jeremy C