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What is PileMedic®

Developed by Prof. Mo Ehsani, PileMedic® is a patented unique engineered solution for repair and strengthening of columns and piles or piling on land and below water. Following three decades of research and development and several more recent investigations and testing by government agencies such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Science Foundation, California DOT (Caltrans), Texas DOT, etc. PileMedic® has been adopted by many organizations including the US Military for its versatility, ease of installation, and unique structural strengthening features. It offers a rapid structural repair system for:

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Unlike typical laminates that are four feet wide and are supplied in 100-foot-long rolls, PileMedic is a new type of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP). Strength-PileMedic laminates are up to tow to three times stronger than steel. Size & Shape- The 0.05-inch-thick laminates are flexible enough to be wrapped around piles of any shape and size. Confinement- The unique seamless jackets apply a uniform confining pressure 360 degrees around the pile. This increases the strength of the timber or concrete pile significantly and is a benefit that cannot be achieved with conventional fiberglass forms. Corrosion Protection-It is well recognized that the oxygen present in water is the fuel for the corrosion process. The laminates create a seamless and impervious shell around the pile, preventing any moisture or oxygen ingress.


What is Sheet Pile Repair (SPiRe®)

Sheet Pile Repair (SPiRe®) is a very strong and rigid sandwich construction Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) product that can be supplied in various geometrical shapes. The most common one is a 4-ft wide flat panel. In the field, these panels are secured to the corroded bulkhead or sheet pile with J-bolts. The edge of each panel is epoxy bonded to the adjacent panel to create an impervious stay-in-place form. The annular space between the SPiRe® panels and the corroded bulkhead is filled with concrete. Optionally, GFRP reinforcement can also be placed in the annular space.

Another application is for repair of beams and decks, where placement of concrete in such hard-to-reach areas becomes challenging. SPiRe® panels can be customized to fit the exact dimension of the beam or deck. Reinforcing elements can also be placed inside these elements. In the field, these shells are lifted and secured to the underside of the deck. The annular space between the shell and the deck or beam is filled with concrete. In both these applications, the SPiRe® solutions offers these advantages:

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PileMedic by QuakeWrap

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