Pink barge brings cancer awareness Marquis Energy donates $10,000 to Mary Crowley Cancer Research

The barge, called Big Hope 1, brings awareness to cancer research, and it’s currently sitting among Marquis Energy’s fleet in Hennepin.

The business is donating $10,000 to Mary Crowley Cancer Research, said Danielle Anderson, executive assistant/director of public relations and political affairs for Marquis Energy.

Marquis’ daughter is 3 and cancer-free right now, Anderson said.

The barge was launched in 2012 and inspired by a family impacted by cancer, and Ceres Barge Line agreed to contribute a percentage of the net earnings from the barge to fund cancer research, according to Ceres Barge Line’s website. The barge has generated more than $861,000 to Mary Crowley Cancer Research since 2012, the website says.

The barge arrived last week in Hennepin and might be at Marquis’ dock for another week or two, Anderson said.

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