Pintsch North America Inc.

Pintsch North America offers a complete range of customized railroad signal and train control solutions based on highly reliable axle counting technology. Pintsch is a full-service signaling company engaged in all phases of project management, from site survey and applications engineering through project management and on-site construction.

In addition to the design, manufacture and installation of common railroad signaling applications, such as grade crossing and wayside signal systems, Pintsch also offers customized solutions including yard control, switch protection and automation, industrial process control, and monitoring solutions.

Pintsch also offers remote monitoring capabilities combined with technical and maintenance support programs to better ensure reliability and minimize downtime in the rare event that operational problems occur.

Pintsch North America has decades of experience in railroad signaling and train control. Our wheel sensors and signal systems are utilized worldwide, offering superior reliability in every possible environment. Some examples of applications include:

  • Highway grade crossing warning systems.
  • Railroad interlocking systems.
  • “Virtual” track circuits and overlays.
  • Industrial grade crossing systems.
  • Warning systems in plants, car and locomotive repair shops, and similar facilities.
  • Track occupancy inventory monitoring and reporting.
  • Industrial process automation
  • AEI and defect detector components.
  • Components for scale operation.
  • Yard automation components and solutions.

In addition to complete signal systems, Pintsch North America offers proven wheel sensors for use in numerous applications such as:

  • The Pintsch 200-series double wheel sensor
  • The new Pintsch 250-series double wheel sensor with automatic adjustment features.
  • The Pintsch 400-series fail-safe double wheel sensor used in vital (life critical) applications.
  • Switching-amplifier modules for various control applications.

Pintsch North America is your railroad signal and train control solution provider for railroads, ports, and industries.

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