PND Engineers

PND Engineers, Inc., (PND) is a civil/structural firm specializing in the design of marine facilities, including bulkheads, docks, piers, dolphins, fendering systems, floats, and wave barriers. Their engineers are skilled in all areas of marine and upland engineering, including civil, structural and coastal. PND also provides planning, condition inspection, permitting services, and construction support. Their marine design projects have included port facilities, marine terminals, boatyards, marinas, boat launches, cruise ship facilities, and passenger ferry terminals.

PND’s marine experience extends to the inland waterways of our nation where we recognize the importance of maintaining and improving these critical transportation routes. Ranging from the Yukon River of Alaska to the great Mississippi, PND has provided award winning, innovative, cost savings designs. PND’s experience with tall bulkheads, heavy loading requirements, challenging site conditions, high seismic potential, flooding, and scour conditions has resulted in many successful projects throughout the inland waterways.

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Carl McNabb, Senior Engineer
3240 Eastlake Ave. East
Seattle, Washington 98102
(206) 624-1387

Wade Lundberg, PE, Vice President
19500 State Highway 249, Suite 655Houston, TX 77070
(832) 930-4830