Port Harbor Railroad

Port Harbor Railroad at America's Central Port combines the best of freight delivery modes with rail, road, and river junctions for all intermodal transportation needs. Our transportation services in Granite City, IL are designed to improve your supply chain with the ability to connect railroad transportation with interstate freight, railroad freight to waterway transportation, and waterway transportation to highway freight.

Intermodal transportation reinforces your value chain, while removing the headache of otherwise restrictive and complicated logistics. With the capability of converting freight from one mode of transportation to another, Port Harbor Railroad in Granite City, IL provides a powerful service out of Madison County, IL that maximizes supply chain flexibility improving convenience in your transportation operation. Located at America’s Central Port on the Mississippi River near St Louis, Port Harbor Railroad is ideally located in the center of the Continental United States; this makes it the perfect hub for all United States transportation needs.

Regardless of where your cargo is coming from, or going, Port Harbor Railroad is equipped to keep your freight headed quickly in the right direction. We offer professional infrastructure planning support before shipments even begin to ensure optimal results, as well as a single point of contact well-versed in railroading to work with if other railroad companies are involved.

Furthermore, Port Harbor Railroad has the competitive advantage over larger railroad companies with our less restrictive infrastructure requirements, allowing us to save you capital and time in your initial build-out. Additionally, Port Harbor Railroad has 1.7 million square feet of rail-served, full-service warehousing at your disposal as well as build-to-suit land for your operational needs. With a dedication to courteous and prompt service, the professionals at Port Harbor Railroad in Granite City, Illinois are proud to provide their services to the freight transportation needs of the United States as a whole.

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Carl Yount, Vice President of Marketing
1635 West First Street Suite 152
Granite City, IL 62040
(618) 975-3857