Port Manager (New Orleans, LA)

Port of New Orleans is accepting applications for a Port Manager (New Orleans, LA)

Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) is a modern multimodal gateway for global commerce and an in-demand cruise port. Our competitive edge comes from our ability to deliver seamless, integrated logistics solutions between river, rail and road. Port NOLA’s mission is to drive economic prosperity throughout our tri-parish jurisdiction: Jefferson, Orleans and St. Bernard. We collaborate with state and local partners to ensure that we can continue to be a vital link to the world for businesses and consumers — throughout Louisiana and beyond.

Port NOLA employees are committed to our mission of driving regional economic prosperity through their efforts to maximize the flow of international trade and commerce.

We aim to attract and invest in a high-performing, diverse workforce.

Port NOLA is looking for our next great Port Manager. This role will prepare, coordinate, and execute property leases. Our Port Managers enjoy a creative and diverse work-life. We offer you career development opportunities, empowering work environment, and a sense of inspiration and innovation. Join Port NOLA now!

Marine Terminal Property Management

  • Responsible for the control/management of various Port properties and facilities including the establishment of rates, terms, uses, etc. for revenue producing agreements as prescribed in Port policies or within guidelines authorized by senior management.
  • Interpret, monitor, verify compliance with contracts and agreements between the Port, its vendors or users, and tenants of marine terminal leaseholds by conducting regular inspection of assigned properties for proper utilization and timely damage assessment and repair.
  • Primary contact of Port in preliminary discussions, development, and execution of agreements, leases, etc., pertaining to marine terminal properties.
  • Prepare and present for upper management and Board, agenda packets, presentations, and briefings for final approval of agreements.
  • Prepare lease documents for execution. Includes typing special conditions, developing lease exhibits, reviewing for accuracy and appropriateness, and coordinating review with legal department.
  • Keep track of lease action dates for renewals, rent increases, and other time sensitive actions. Update lease and accounting software accordingly for proper invoicing of rent.
  • Assist in the preparation of revenue projections for marine terminal leaseholds including, rent, utilities, etc.
  • Update lease software and accounting department for proper invoicing of variable and flat rents.
  • Identify problems as they occur at the facilities, include lease enforcement issues, damage assessment and rectification, customer complaints (tenant and Port customers), space utilization, construction interference (between tenant, contractor, Port, and other governmental entities), etc. resolving/formulating proposals to rectify problems.
  • Maintain records, prepare reports, analyze data, and conduct correspondence as needed relative to assigned properties.
  • Coordinate with other Port departments in recommending and developing capital/major maintenance projects, improvements to Port policies and procedures, and technological innovations to make the Port efficient and competitive.
  • Analyze various Port, market, and tenant data to identify trends in lessee activity levels, rent and market conditions, and to assess their impact on facilities, lease operators, Port community, etc.
  • Coordinate with Port staff to insure proper management of permit requests and issuance process. Coordinate the permit process with internal port staff for outside entities to utilize Port property for specific events, undertake repairs to Port property, or make physical improvements to Port property.

Department Leadership

  • Oversee, directly supervise, review and guide managers who have duties within Real Estate Operations.
  • Participate in major lease negotiations with senior management by developing rental rate information and major terms and conditions that are commensurate with the facility and existing leases. Coordinate Port’s negotiating position with executive counsel and legal department.
  • Negotiate with tenants’ minor leases and secondary terms and conditions of major leases.
  • Determine which type of revenue producing agreement and payment structure to use for Port property.
  • Determine applicable rental rate to use in any given circumstance.
  • Coordinate and supervise the departments’ revenue projections and develop opportunities for additional revenue generation.
  • Determine negotiated rental rates and recommend to upper management and Board.
  • Coordinate and manage the department’s role in disaster recovery. Oversee that the real estate department and tenants fulfill their obligations and confirm that each tenant’s issues are handled.
  • Lead, develop, and recommend Department initiatives such as policy and rental rate updates. Coordinate internal staff and external consultant teams in the preparation of policy recommendations.

Department Administration

  • Participate in policy meetings with other Port departments to review, improve, and simplify processes in the Port pertaining to procedures for damages, insurance, contracts, tenant relations, emergency preparedness, etc.
  • Lead, develop, and recommend department objects and initiatives such as policy and tariff updates. Coordinate staff and consultant teams to execute department objectives and initiatives.
  • Assist in preparation of department budget for expenditures.
  • Develop goals and objectives for department for planning purposes.
  • Perform performance reviews of and performance planning for Asset / Port Managers.


  • Provide approval signature on appropriate forms and documentation at the direction of the Director of Real Estate.
  • Attend meetings and conferences as a Division representative.
  • Handle phone calls and correspondence for Director of Real Estate as appropriate.
  • Assist Director of Real Estate as directed.

The Port of New Orleans Board Commissions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


To confidentially apply for this position, email a resume and cover letter to: Garri L. Brown, Director of Human Resources, Port of New Orleans: garri.brown@portnola.com.


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