Port of Harlingen has Tonnage Increase to Kickoff Start of Last Quarter





HARLINGEN- The Port of Harlingen starts its last quarter with a 21 percent increase in tonnage over this time last fiscal year totaling, year-to-date 1,896,220 tons. Official numbers from June indicate the quarter’s largest increases were in imports of petroleum products and agricultural fertilizers.


Petroleum transport increased 18 percent with 1,554,732 tons coming through the Port via barge and pipeline. The majority, 1,101,488 tons, was delivered via 45 barges throughout the month of June. Fertilizers were up 6 percent YTD with 65,188 tons.


“We are having a great year in terms of our petroleum commodities,” said Walker Smith, Port Director. “Cargo increases are also the direct result of our ongoing expansion projects, which enhances our capability to move more volume. With our expanded roads, truck queuing areas and growth in commercial infrastructure investment, we are able to grow in terms of tonnage, as well.”


“Most of our numbers are holding steady and we are looking to continue our double-digit growth at the end of the fiscal year,” he said.


Texas Department of Transportation Rider 45 and 38 Grant funding totaling more than $13 million combined, assisted with infrastructure enhancements that have addressed road conditions and expansions, road safety issues with upgrades to widened concrete roads and improved intersections off FM 106, and are creating additional truck queuing areas.


“Tonnage is so important not only to monitor the vitality of the region economically, but also for the Port itself in terms of funding opportunities and growth,” Smith said. “The more throughput a port has, means more favorable economic conditions, which means there are capacity demands and puts our area in the spotlight for federal funding and grant-based expansion.”


The Port of Harlingen’s fiscal year ends September 30th.


For more information contact Amy Lynch, Port of Harlingen Director of Public Relations and Marketing, at (956) 423-0283 or at amy@portofharlingen.com


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