Port of Helena Harbor

Helena HarborLocated on the Mississippi River at mile 652 AH, Helena Harbor is just 65 miles south of America’s acknowledged distribution center, Memphis, Tennessee. The Helena Harbor Industrial Complex consists of 4,000 acres/1,619 hectares of flood-protected industrial sites centered around a two and a quarter mile, nine-foot-deep slackwater harbor. A 60-ton overhead bridge crane is available.

Connectivity includes rail served by the Arkansas Midland Railroad and Class I (UP), the Harbor is adjacent to State Highway 242 which connects with U.S. 49 less than one mile away. Highways 61 and 49, and planned Interstate 69, just ten miles to the east. Westbound traffic on U.S. 49 connects with Interstate 40 at Brinkely. All of these roadways can be quickly accessed from Helena Harbor via Arkansas Highway 20.

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