Port of Osceola

The Port of Osceola, located on the Mississippi River, has immediate connections to Class 1 rail via Burlington Northern, trucking via Interstate 55, SH 140, and SH 61, and the Osceola Municipal Airport making the export and import of commodities easily accessible through multimodal transportation.  The Port of Osceola currently handles wheat, rice, soybeans, and sand, but any bulk commodity can be handled from the three available docks at the terminal in their slackwater harbor for customers located around the world.  The 500 acre port has 200 acres available for development.

In addition to being an industrial hub, particularly for the Steel industry, The City of Osceola is the site of the former Fruit of the Loom Building roughly 2 miles Northwest of the Port of Osceola terminal, less than half a mile from Burlington-Northern railroad, and roughly 7 miles East of the Highway-55 exit 48. The site is owned and leased by the City of Osceola, who is also able to facilitate its upgrade or sale depending on customer needs.

The Fruit of the Loom building at 1425 Ohlendorff Rd. is a 494,064 sq ft space with loading docks situated on 90 acres of fenced property.

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