Portadam Inc. Announces the FM Approval Certification for FloodDefender®

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(Williamstown, NJ, January 9) Portadam® Inc., the national water control solutions company, today announced that FM Approvals has certified the company’s FloodDefender® flood risk mitigation technology, successfully meeting and exceeding the rigorous ANSI/FM 2510 series of tests.

“With more and more commercial, public, and industrial properties becoming impacted by flooding,” said Charles Mahall, a Senior Engineer with FM Approvals, “the need for choosing tested and certified flood protection solutions has never been greater.”

The patented FloodDefender® solution is a compactly stored, temporary perimeter barrier that can be rapidly deployed without the use of any tools or fill material. The engineered design includes steel frames and a sealing apron to create an effective barrier. The solution successfully passed the demanding tests of the ANSI/FM 2510 protocol.

“We are seeing flood events affecting a wider geographical area and, consequently, an urgent increasing need to proactively protect critical assets.” said Jyothish Daniel, CEO of Portadam® Inc. “We are incredibly proud to see our technology achieving the FM Approvals Certification, passing and exceeding the rigorous testing benchmarks, but are not surprised.”

According to Daniel, the design of the FloodDefender® benefitted from the expertise gained by the Portadam® team with its original product over the course of nearly 50 years and over six thousand water control projects. The engineered technology has been proven especially useful in protecting critical sites such as power substations, logistics/manufacturing centers, and police/fire/emergency command centers.

According to FEMA, 99 percent of US counties experienced flooding between 1996 and 2019. NOAA statistics show that between the years 2015-2023, the US suffered flood damages worth $66B.1 Yet, even all-risk commercial property insurances are most commonly excluding water damages in their policies.2 In 2022, almost half a million commercial buildings were considered at current risk for flood damages.3 Flood protection is not only for the protection of property. Increasingly, it’s for protection against lost revenue/market share, as well as mitigating risks to the community and public infrastructure. Most importantly, it’s for the protection of human lives.

"Recognize that the flood risk is changing," said Mahall, “and taking steps to protect your facility from flooding may require action in advance for maximum benefit.”

Portadam® Inc. is a U.S.-based water control company offering custom-tailored solutions for diverting water. Founded nearly fifty years ago alongside the launch of the cofferdam invention and its namesake product, the Portadam® water control system, the company has focused on meeting the specific needs of each of its customers. The company has utilized the technology and DNA of the original solution to enable the construction of complex civil projects in waterways, as well as offering water storage and flood risk mitigation solutions.

FM Approvals is the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) arm of international mutual insurance carrier FM Global. Using scientific research in our testing ensures products conform to the highest safety and property loss prevention standards. Working together, we deliver property loss prevention services primarily to large corporations worldwide in the Highly Protected Risk property insurance market sector.

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