President’s FY ’21 provides nearly $100 million for Tulsa District projects

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The President recently released Fiscal Year 2021 Budget includes nearly $100 million for civil works projects within the Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Of the $5.9 billion slated for USACE discretionary funding for civil works worldwide, Tulsa District projects and activities are slated to receive $97.7 million. If appropriated, the budget will support hydroelectric power generation, recreation, navigation and flood risk reduction activities.

The FY ’21 budget provides $69.6 million for the operation and maintenance of 33 reservoirs in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Tulsa District’s multi-purpose reservoirs mitigate flood risk in the Arkansas River and Red River basins.

Many reservoirs in the Tulsa District’s inventory provide water supply storage, hydroelectric generation and recreation opportunities for millions of Americans. Tulsa District’s parks rank among the most visited recreation areas in the USACE with more than 18 million visitors each year.

Included in the budget is $25.3 million in operations and maintenance funds to provide reliable navigation via the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. The Keystone Lake Dam Safety Modification Study, a three-year study of alternatives to reduce the dam safety risk associated with overtopping and internal erosion of the embankment, and reduce the life safety risk below Tolerable Risk Guidelines, is proposed to receive $2.7 million in the FY21 budget.

A list of Civil Works projects, programs and activities included in the FY21 budget are available at

Tulsa District manages nearly 1.2 million acres of public land and water, 140 miles of navigable waterways with five locks and dams, eight hydroelectric power plants, 510 public parks, and 33 multipurpose reservoirs. The districts flood risk reduction activities have prevented more than $29.6 billion in flood damages.

The district’s additional missions include emergency response in Oklahoma and regulatory responsibilities in Oklahoma and North Texas.

The Tulsa District is one of four districts under the Southwestern Division, which provides diverse engineering and construction expertise and other services in all or part of seven states. The Division's area of responsibility covers some 2.3 million acres of public land and water, with an annual civil works, military construction, and support for others program totaling more than $2 billion.

The Division’s portion of the President’s Civil Works FY2021 budget request is an estimated $504 million, an increase of more than $34 million over Fiscal Year 2020. The proposed budget will fund $10.5 million in Investigations, $100.4 million in construction and $393.5 million in Operation and Maintenance work within the region.

Additionally the Southwestern Division’s Work Plan for the FY2020 Civil Works programs totals approximately $700 million. This includes more than $11.6 million for five investigation projects, $159 million for eight construction projects and more than $524 million for Operations and Maintenance projects.