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Rediscover the strength of America’s Inland Rivers in Memphis!


The Inland Rivers Ports, and Terminals is proud to announce the first graduating class for the inaugural Inland Marine Terminal Operator (IMTO) class in Memphis, Tennessee.

Below are the maritime professionals who completed their certifications:

  • Amber Shepheard, IMTO-Office Manager, Memphis & Shelby County Port Commission
  • Milton Chambliss, IMTO-Port Director, Port of Claiborne County
  • Jason Colburn, IMTO-Port Manager, SSA Marine
  • Marcus Johnson, IMTO-Operations Manager, Impala Terminals
  • Kyle Vickery, IMTO-Safety Director, Fullen Dock and Warehouse
  • Edward Lee, IMTO-Director of Facilities & Service Management, Port of Greater Baton Rouge
  • Tessa Andres, IMTO & IMPM-Administrative Assistant, Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals
  • Aimee Andres, AMPE-Executive Director, Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals
  • Hayes Mullins, IMTO-Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army
  • Donnie Rocconi, IMTO-Terminal Manager, Rosedale-Bolivar County Port

The two day program was held on September 26 & 27. The first day, we heard from Rich Diffley about terminal terminology. We learned the different types of barges and other equipment used everyday. The best part of our first day was learning from Mr. Diffley's personal perspective. His ability to make a lesson relatable through his own real-world experience was enlightening.

On the second day, we learned about Hazardous Chemicals and earned our HAZCOM certifications. We also learned about the different types of PPE and the OSHA Standards. Both of these lessons were immensely valuable, especially for terminal operators.

Also while in Memphis, TN, Deputy Director Rich Diffley earned his Certified Maritime Educator (CME) award for successful completion of this inaugural course.

For updates on future courses, we recommend monitoring IRPT's calendar as well as IAMPE's course schedule.


Inland Marine Terminal Operator (IMTO)
Memphis, Tennessee
September 26 & 27, 2023


IRPT has had a long-standing relationship with the International Association of Maritime Port Executives (IAMPE) and we are so excited to continue supporting this association. The Inland Marine Terminal Operator course is a 2-day, 16-hour program geared towards inland port operations personnel. IAMPE’s IMTO program covers the basics of port and terminal operations, management, and how terminals interface with the international freight transportation system. It is a perfect primer for operations personnel with less than three years experience in the industry and a valuable refresher for operations personnel of any experience level.

This program reinforces the basics of port and terminal operations and management, as well as explores each of the departments that comprise a terminal. The initial segments of the course are focused on big-picture logistic topics that are relevant to on the ground activities. During these segments, attendees will explore the fundamental concepts behind the global transportation industry, review the advantages and disadvantages of major modes of transportation, receive an update on the current state of the industry, become familiar with the common terms and vocabulary of the industry, and review the basic organizational and management structure of ports.

In case you want more information on this course, IAMPE & IRPT’s podcast series titled Dock Talk dives deeper. In an interview with Rich Diffley, Aimee Andres gets to the point of who can benefit from this course. To watch the bonus episode, click here.

All participants in the program will receive a professional certification as an Inland Marine Terminal Operator (IMTO) as well as a complimentary membership to the association. This membership grants access to the IAMPE’s electronic library, the IAMPE’s network of port professionals, and ongoing support from the association’s faculty regarding any of the topics covered during the course. All programs are reviewed for content and approved by the IAMPE Board of Advisors for certification.


******************About Rich Diffley******************

Rich, a former member and Director representing the IRPT Upper Mississippi River Basin, has an extensive background in logistics, transportation, building strategic partnerships and leadership. He also served with the St. Louis Regional Freightway as one of the original Needs Analysis Committee Members. The Freightway is tasked with identifying infrastructure improvements to help grow the river/rail/truck freight network in the St. Louis region. Rich is also a member of IAMPE (International Association of Maritime and Port Executives). He holds an Inland Maritime Port Executive and Accredited Maritime Port Executive Certification as well as a certified IAMPE Instructor.

Rich’s career in operations started at the bottom of the supply chain in the LTL trucking industry. There, he spent over 10 years successfully managing LTL transload warehouse terminals. In 2008 he joined Lange Stegmann Company, located at MM 182.7 on the Upper Mississippi River as Director of Operations. During his tenure, LSCO grew to be one of the most respected and largest bulk fertilizer transload facilities on the US inland river system. After LSCO, he spent a few years with Alter Logistics responsible for their Upper Mississippi river terminals and Logistec Gulf Coast at the top of the supply chain managing their bulk stevedoring operations in Florida.

Rich resides in Florida with his wife Deborah and they recently purchased a waterfront seafood restaurant in South Tampa that Deborah manages.  He has 2 kids, Lexi and Harrison who are both grown and flown with their own successful careers.


******************About IAMPE******************

The International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE) is a non-profit membership association dedicated to developing and maintaining professional standards in the maritime industry. The IAMPE achieves this goal in two primary ways – by cultivating a membership network of port professionals across North America, and by providing a standardized education program to certify port professionals and pave the way for long term professional development. Learn more about who we are, our advisory board, and our connections to other organizations within the industry.