Prosody Consulting, LLC


Prosody Group, LLC, a certified veteran-owned business, provides public-private partnership (P3) and economic development consulting services to participants in the agriculture (feed, food & fertilizer), energy & construction materials industries.

Whether its private enterprises looking for low-cost capital to build, expand or rehabilitate their facilities or government entities looking to attract industry and commercial counterparties, we can help.

Our firm’s deep experience ensures that you never have to explain the nuts & bolts of your business to us – it’s not our first rodeo.  From coastal & inland terminals to grain elevators to feed & fertilizer manufacturing to renewable power facilities to cement plants, we’ve been there and done that for some of the biggest companies & coops in the US, as well as international companies with US-based operations.

Utilizing our proprietary methodology, we’re able to eliminate development finance risk & uncertainty, illuminate the impact of potential partnerships and lead our clients’ efforts to achieve the results highlighted by our analysis.  And our business model is simple – we win big when our clients win big.

Find out today why we’re the go-to firm to lead your P3 and economic development efforts.

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Prosody Consulting, LLC
Charles R Brettell
435 Nichols Rd., Ste. 200
Kansas City, Kansas 64112
(816) 824-3980