Rail Spurs, Harbors, Grain Bins and More: How America’s Central Port Invests In Global Connectivity

Rail Spurs, Harbors, Grain Bins and More: How America's Central Port Invests In Global Connectivity (link to full article below)


Beyond the 900+ jobs, over 75 businesses, and $1B+ in freight transported by river, rail, and road, the Port also plays a major role in global connectivity, connecting manufacturers and freight intensive operators to the rest of the world, all from Granite City and Madison, Illinois.


America's Central Port Rail Connectivity

The combination of six of the seven Class-I railroads, as well as two multi-modal harbors, both undergoing constant infrastructure advancements, continue to advance the region's ability to help the United States feed, shelter, and fuel the world.


America's Central Port- River Connectivity


When we talk about what makes America's Central Port so great, our rail and river access definitely take the cake, but what brings it all together is we also have incredibly close access to four U.S. interstates and are the grantee of Foreign Trade Zone 31, making the Port an excellent location for warehousing and distribution as well.


America's Central Port Interstate Connectivity


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