Red River Below Lock 1 Update

Red River Status Update:
  • The Acme Gage dropped 1 foot in the past 24-hours. The Acme Gage is now at 4.8, and is projected to stabilize there.
  • The good news is the Mississippi River is projected to get a small bump in the next 48 hours. This will help the Gauntlet.
  • The Red River Tracker has Lock 1 tight today, but the Acme Gage staying at 4.8, will relieve this pressure.
  • Chief Guidry and his team placing buoys this week, that will give everyone a better path to follow.
  • Mile 38.5 – bump in the middle, however there is a 130-ft channel along the right descending bank.
  • Mile 42 – the deep water is on the right descending bank.
  • We will get the Dredge Dubuque to the Red River, starting at Mile 38, as soon as they complete their current job. I will have a better projection for their start date, on Monday 2 OCT.
Attached are surveys for RM 38.5, RM 42 and Condition Tracker.
Emily Mott, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association
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