Red River Dredge and Lock 1 Update

Dredge Update

Dredge Allison Crosby has moved from Lock 3 to Socot. After completion, the dredge will then move to Lock 2. They will be clearing the lock at 0700 and 1900 to allow tows to pass. 


Lock 1 Lower Levels

Today Lock 1 Lower is at 9.26', a rise of .84' in the past 24 hours - so caution should be used, as it is close to 9' depths.

ACME today rose to 9.56' and projected to rise to 10.6', Tuesday, 19 July.

Red River Landing is 23.85' and projected to rise to 27.2', Wednesday, 20 July.

This should provide a rise at Lock 1 Lower.


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