Red River Dredge & Navigation Update

Dredge Dubuque
Currently dredging at Lock 1 Approach, RM 40, anticipated completion is 23 December.

Surveys will be taken in the Gauntlet to determine if additional dredging is required.

Current high water may dictate it is best to save funds to dredge when the river falls.

Lock 1 Lower Gage is at 21.57' a rise of 3.15' in the past 24 hours.

ACME is at 19.2' and expected to rise to 21.2' by Tuesday, 20 December.

Red River Landing (Mississippi River) is at 30.12' and projected to rise to 37.9' by Monday, 26 December.

Pools are projected to rise:
** Shreveport is to crest at 17.3' - 3.5' above pool.
** Coushatta is at 25.04' and to crest at 25.4' (pool is 24.2'.
** Grand Ecore is at 21.36' and to crest at 22' (pool is 20').
** Alexandria is at 20.83' and to crest at 21.4' (pool is 19')

A 2 ' rise in the pools should not cause navigation issue.

Tows are encouraged to report any problem areas, especially when the river falls.


Richard Brontoli, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association
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Shreveport, LA 71162
Cell: 318-393-6207
Fax: 318-425-0516