Red River Dredge Update – Conference Call 24 Aug – Lock 1 Closure

Dredge Update

Dredge Allison Crosby is dredging at Mile 33.7 to the mouth of the Black. Expected completion is today, 19 August. Next assignment is Columbia Lock, Mile 117 on the Ouachita River. They will be clearing the channel every 6 hours to allow tows to pass.


Navigation Conference Call

We will have a Navigation Conference Call, Wednesday, 24 August, 9:00 am.

Call in #: 862-799-9537



1. Participants on the Call

2. NWS - Weather Update/Forecast - Red and Ouachita Rivers

3. Dredge Update, Lock 1 Lower & Gauntlet

4. ANT Colfax

5. Old River Lock & Lock 1 Closures

6. In-person Navigation Meeting & Lock 1 Visit

7. Questions/Comments

8. Next Conference Call


Red River Lock 1 Closure

* It will fully close to navigation on Tuesday, 30 August 2022.

* This is the same date Old River Lock will fully close to navigation.

* There will be daylight closures 15 to 30 August to prepare and hopefully reduce the full closure time.* The lock will temporarily reopen Sept. 29–Oct. 13 to allow traffic to pass. * Users need to be prepared to get tows in and out during this opening.

* The Lock will close to navigation October 14 – November 12.

* The Lock should open 12 November assuming NO MAJOR DEFICIENCIES ARE FOUND.


Richard Brontoli, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association