Red River Dredge Update- Conference Call- Lock Closures

Dredge Update

Dredge Allison Crosby is completed dredging at Socot. The next assignment is Lock 2 lower.  They will be clearing the lock at 0700 and 1900 to allow tows to pass.

Lock 1 Lower gage is at 9.27' a 24 hour rise of .35'

ACME is at 9.56' and projected to rise to 10.8' by Thursday, 21 July.

Red River Landing is at 25.0' and projected to rise to 26.5' by Thursday, 21 July - then start to fall.

Tows need to use extreme caution entering Lock 1 Lower.


Navigation Conference Call

We will have a Navigation Conference Call, Thursday, 21 July, 9:00 am.

Call in #: 862-799-9537



  1. Participants on the Call
  2. NWS - Weather Update/Forecast - Red and Ouachita Rivers
  3. Dredge Update and Lock 1 Lower
  4. ANT Colfax
  5. Old River Lock & Lock 1 Closures
  6. Questions/Comments
  7. Next Conference Call


Old River Lock & Lock 1 Closures

Old River Lock will have daylight closures from 25 July to 29 August.

This is preparation for the full closure on 30 August.


Expect Lock 1 to have daylight closures the week before 30 August.


Richard Brontoli, Executive Director