Red River Emergency Dredging at Lock 1 Lower & Navigation Call Monday, June 5

Red River Dredging

Due to rapidly falling gages, we are quickly losing a 9-foot navigable channel at Lock 1 lower (RM 44). A low water advisory is in place. Due to the emergency cut needed, the dredge will begin moving to Lock 1 lower from Lock 4 this afternoon arriving no later than Tuesday, June 6. At that time, 24-hour dredging will be in place and no marine traffic will be allowed to move through the queue. Following the 24-hour emergency cut, the dredge will continue seasonal dredging clearing the queue twice daily for marine traffic at 0700 and 1900. When dredging at Lock 1 is complete the dredge will move to Lock 5.

We will keep you informed if there are any changes.

Due to the change in the dredging schedule and conditions at Lock 1 lower we will have a navigation call Monday, June 5 at 10:00 am.

Call in #: 862-799-9537
Participants on the Call
Weather Update
Discuss probable channel issues
Dredge Status
ANT Colfax
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We will keep you posted on the location of the dredge as it moves on the river.


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