Red River High Water – April 11, 2024

Due to recent rains, we are closely watching river gauges. Please be sure to exercise extreme caution.
Pools 1 & 2 and 3 are currently in the high-water action phase. The Alexandria gage is at 26.17' and is forecasted to crest Saturday at 31'
and the Grand Ecour gage is reading 28.72' and is forecasted to crest Saturday at 31'.
Pools 4 & 5 are in the watch phase. The current gage reading is 28.08' and will crest Saturday at 29.5'
Action phase restrictions:
Daylight only
Max tow limit - 6
Watch phase:
exercise extreme caution
voluntary horsepower & tow size restrictions
assess daylight-only restrictions due to water covering dikes.
Most dikes are underwater and buoys are diving, so caution should be taken.
We will continue to monitor gages and communicate any necessary changes.
Emily Mott, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association
P.O. Box 709
Shreveport, Louisiana 71162
Cell: (318) 458-7922