Red River Lock 1 Repair Update

There isn't much to report since the navigation call this morning. We will know more tomorrow afternoon.
 BLUF: The repair plan continues and is on schedule.  The remaining welding concludes today, and final testing is scheduled for Thursday, 02 NOV. On Monday evening, 30 OCT, after swinging the gate into the mitre position, the gate was out of alignment. This misalignment is causing greater stress on the anchorage. Tomorrow, the dive team will investigate underneath the surface while crews grind and clean excess debris on the gates to get us closer to alignment. The team is exploring the possibility of limited lockages until we make the permanent alignment. Required parts are currently being fabricated for the re-alignment scheduled for 11 NOV. We anticipate 1-2 days to re-align the gate.
We will have a navigation conference call Thursday, November 2, at 3:00 pm.
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