Red River Navigation Conference Call

A navigation conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2 at 10:00 am.
Call in number: (862) 799-9537

  1. Participants on the Call
  2. Weather Update
  3. Discuss channel issues
  4. Dredge Status
  5. ANT Colfax
  6. Questions/Comments
  7. Next Conference Call
Follow up from Tuesday, May 25:
1. The proceed date for the dredging company will be Friday, April 28 and will be on site no later than May 19.
2. Bouyes have been placed on the hump at the approach to Lock #2.
3. The gage at lock 2 is working properly as of Tuesday afternoon, May 25.
4. Surveys of Westdale upper, and Williams were requested from the Corps May 25; I will send them out as soon as I receive them.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Emily Mott, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association
P.O. Box 709
Shreveport, Louisiana 71162
Cell: (318) 458-7922