Red River Navigation Conference Call Tuesday

With the river continuing to rise and additional rain expected a navigation call is scheduled. River levels, expected crests and projected rains will be sent Tuesday morning.

Agenda February 2023

Navigation Conference Call
We will have a Navigation Conference Call, Tuesday, 14 February, 9:00 am.
Call in #: 862-799-9537

1. Participants on the Call
2. Weather Update
3. River Levels
4. Reservoir Levels
5. Restrictions
6. Dredge Status; Funding, Dubuque & Contract Dredge
7. ANT Colfax
8. Navigation in-person meeting, Wednesday, 22 Feb, 2:30 pm, Sam's Town, Shreveport, LA
Attached is a draft agenda
9. Questions/Comments
10. Next Conference Call


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