Red River: Navigation Update & Lock Surveys

Red River Navigation Update & Lock Surveys 


Lock 2 / Lock 3 / Lock 4 / Lock 5 / Westdale

At this time, the waterway appears to be in good shape. Lock 1 survey will be available in the next few days. Please let us know if you hear of any specific locations with potential issues. We continue to monitor river conditions as we approach the upcoming season to best determine the mobilization of the dredge.

Pool Levels:

Shreveport Gage: Currently 21.2' and projected to crest at 21.9' on Sunday, 1 May. (Pool is 14.0')

Coushatta Gage: Currently 26.0' and projected to stay flat at 26.1'' through Tuesday, 3 May. (Pool is 24.2')

Grand Ecore Gage: Currently 22.2' and projected to crest at 23.2' on Monday, 2 May. (Pool is 20')

Alexandria Gage: Currently 20.9' and projected to crest at 22.3' on Tuesday, 3 May. (pool is 19')

ACME Gage: Currently 33.0' and projected to remain flat for the next week.

Red River Landing: Currently 50.2' and projected to fall to 45.2' on Friday, 13 May.

River levels should allow the dikes to self clean the channel with a slow fall.

SiltationTows are requested to monitor siltation, at lock approaches, as the river falls, and report any sign of problems.


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