Request for Proposal- City of St. Louis Port Authority

Request for Proposal to Lease a Warehouse - Port Authority


Sponsor: Port Authority Commission of the City of St. Louis
Procurement Type: Request for Proposals and or Qualifications 

Starting Date: 08-10-2021
Closing Date: 08-26-2021
Closing Time: 10:00 AM 

The City of St. Louis Port Authority (“the Authority”) requests proposals from those interested in leasing approximately 300,000 square feet of warehouse space on a 16.3-acre lot at 4300 S. 1st Street.

Proposals must be submitted to the Authority by August 26, 2021, at 10:00 AM (all times local). Proposals must remain valid until January 1, 2024, unless earlier canceled in writing by the Authority. All materials submitted in accordance with this RFP will become property of the Authority and will not be returned. All costs incurred in the proposal process will be the sole responsibility of the Proposer.

Direct questions in writing to Susan Taylor at by 5 PM, August 19, 2021. Questions received and their answers will be posted on the Authority’s website no later than 5 PM, August 24, 2021.


  1. RFP for Lease Warehouse at 4300 S. 1st Street (149.57 KB)
  2. Exhibit A (1.84 MB)
  3. Exhibit B (196.92 KB)