Revetment Operations MM 193.5

As a reminder, the Army Corps of Engineers Mat Sinking Unit will commence Revetment Operations at MM-193.5 AHOP RDB, from 6:00 am until 7:00 pm, October 10 through October 15. There will be no deep-draft transits allowed during working hours.

During times of actual revetment work, the Mat Sinking Unit (MSU) will extend approximately 300 to 900 feet channelward from the bank. When the Unit is not folded in, it will extend about 480 feet from the bank channelward. When the Unit is folded in, it will extend approximately 250 feet from the bank. M/V WILLIAM JAMES will be the USACE on-scene pilot boat and can be contacted via VHF-FM Channels 67 or at (601) 415-1877.

Mariners are reminded to exercise caution when transiting the area from White Castle Anchorage to Point Clair MM 190 to MM 194 AHP.

Sector New Orleans Command Center (24 hour): (504) 365-2545

Vessel Traffic Service (24 hour): (504) 365-2514/2300, VHF FM Ch. 05A or 67

Waterways Management: (504) 365-2280 or