Revised Duke Energy Ohio Bathymetric Surveys

Notice Number: 201475-1/2022-058
Date: 11/15/2022 11:10 thru 11/18/2022 11:10

Notice is given that bathymetric surveys for two sites at Duke Energy Ohio will be performed between November 15, 2022 and November 18, 2022. The surveys will take place between Ohio River mile markers 466 & 477 (east end site) and between Ohio River mile markers 470 & 472 (west end site).

A multibeam hydrographic and side scan sonar survey of the river area adjacent the riverbank (Ohio side) will be performed from a 20-25 ft survey vessel. The work will not require anchoring/spudding in the river. The surveys for both sites will be completed in 2-3 days.

There will be no interruption to navigation traffic by this work.


Shawn Kenney
Ch. Technical Support Branch