Revised Green River Louisville District Dredging, Green River Lock and Dam, No.2 Green River Mile 63.0

Notice Number: 201379-3/2022-053
Date: 10/17/2022 15:37 thru 10/29/2022 15:37


Navigation Notice # 2022-044 dated October 5, 2022

Navigation Notice # 2022-048 dated October 13, 2022

Navigation Notice # 2022-050 dated October 20, 2022

Notice is given that “Amherst” will be performing navigation channel maintenance dredging for the Louisville District US Army Corps of Engineers at Green River Mile 63.0, Green River Locks and Dam 2 Lower Approach. The second closure has been postponed a second time, and the new schedule will be as follows:

22-23 October 2022: River Closure while dredging

24-27 October 2022: River will be open while the dredge is off-site disposing of dredged material

28-29 October 2022: River Closure while dredging

Hours of operation will be between 0600 – 1800 CT each day. Mariners must coordinate with the Lockmaster if lockage is requested prior to or following dredge operations during these timeframes.

The contractor’s floating plant will consist of a crane barge, three jumbo flat deck barges, and the M/V Reliant. The M/V Reliant will be monitoring marine channel 13. Vessel operators should exercise caution when transiting the area.


Shawn Kenney
Ch. Technical Support Branch