Revision to 23-08: Tentative Maintenance Schedule for 2023

Notice Number: 201731-2/23-09
Date: 01/01/2023 07:00 thru 09/15/2023 15:30

Reference Notice to Navigation Interests 23-08, dated 1 March 2023. To clarify and confirm, the repairs starting on 6 March 2023

at Meldahl Locks and Dam, Ohio River, mile 436.2 are on the auxiliary chamber. Also, the repairs starting on 5 July, 2023 at Greenup Locks and Dam, Ohio River, mile 341.0 are on the primary chamber.

The below schedule has been adjusted. All other pertinent information remains the same.

Racine L&D Miter Gate Machinery Repairs 26 Feb - 03 Mar Primary Chamber Closure
Meldahl L&D Filling System Repairs 06 Mar - 30 Jun Auxiliary Chamber Closure
Greenup L&D Dewatering for Miter Gate Inspection and Repairs 05 Jul - 14 Aug Primary Chamber Closure
Winfield L&D Dam Gate Repairs 10 Jul - 15 Sep No Closures


All interested parties should review the maintenance schedule for impact. Additional notices furnishing
specific information and operating requirements for repairs resulting in major delays will be published prior to commencing the work items listed.


Chief, Technical Support Branch